Tailored insurance programmes for Independent Schools

Grange Education provides the most comprehensive insurance programme across Australia for Independent Schools. We continually monitor and develop our coverage with our panel of global and local insurers to provide cover against the ever changing risks and exposures. Our Workers Compensation scheme is the largest and most successful in Western Australia and has been providing considerable savings to clients since it was developed in 2001. To find out how easily we can provide you with our terms please enter your details on the Contact page and our staff will be in contact with you.


No one likes to think about student accidents but accidents will happen, and they can be costly. Student Personal Accident Insurance is a student accident insurance policy specifically designed for students engaged in all school activities including playing sports, going on camps and travelling to and from school.

The policy provides benefits for a range of (non-Medicare) medical services, such as dental and physiotherapy, resulting from personal accident injuries. The policy provides cover for expenses incurred up to 24 months from the date of the accident.

With student accident insurance, your school can respond effectively to an accident by providing monetary relief to assist parents with hospital fees and other expenses related to the accident.

The policy can be used in conjunction with your private health cover. If you would like further information, please read the Product Disclosure Statement as well as Frequently Asked Questions.

If you need to make a claim please download the Claim Form or would like information on how to make a claim, this downloadable ‘How to Guide’¬†outlines key points of the claims process.