Partnering with Independent Schools to provide
comprehensive insurance and risk management solutions

Grange Education, the industry specialist

Grange Education Risk Solutions provides specialist insurance and risk management solutions to the education industry. We have been working closely with Independent Schools for many years and have established a deep understanding of the unique needs of individual institutions. We understand your school insurance needs and school risk profile and we have tailored insurance programmes that protect all your resources including people, property and liability.

Insurance Programme


Grange Education provides the most comprehensive insurance programme across Australia for Independent Schools…

Claims Management


One part of any insurance programme is to provide the coverage but just as important is to provide the
professional advice…

Risk Management


We provide risk management services to our clients to assist in preventing claims before they occur. This
includes OH&S audits…

Financial Solutions


In conjunction with Kilbracken Consulting, Grange Education can provide analysis and assistance for financial governance, borrowing..

Our Latest News

ASBA Conference 2016


Grange is pleased to again be a part of the ASBA conference in 2016 at the Pullman Resort in Bunker Bay

The Evolution of Grange

Grange Insurance Building

Since 2006 Grange Insurance has been servicing the education industry, and has now developed a specialist division, Grange Education, to serve the education industry across Australia